We are using innovative and well-established technologies that fully meet automotive requirements in a constantly evolving environment.

Revolutionary technologies for the future

The future relies on intelligent technologies for greater comfort and safety. Development of technology is particularly influenced by the automotive industry, as numerous innovations are constantly emerging in this field. Driving assistance systems, for example, reduce the risk of accidents in various ways and systems are taking on increasingly demanding tasks in order to enable autonomous driving in the near future. Accordingly, the complexity of the technology is increasing significantly.


Connection of our products to the vehicle data buses.
Our specialized hardware is designed to connect to the necessary vehicle buses. This ensures that the data being read can't be updated, only accessed. Our dedicated software is capable of identifying the type and model of vehicle, allowing it to filter and extract essential data that can be used in various products. Some examples of this data include turning angles, brake delay, accelerator pedal positions, navigation directions, cruise control settings, station wagon displays, brightness levels and many more.


In order to capture the immediate surroundings in detail, the automotive industry relies on advanced radar technology.
We utilize particular algorithms to observe the immediate environment of the car. This helps us to commence video recording or alert the customer in case of concerning situations. The most vital aspect of this feature is to ensure dependable monitoring of the vehicle with the least possible energy consumption.

GPS – Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou

By making the most of supplementary technologies, it is possible to promptly and unambiguously establish both the position and velocity of an object.
In various products, it's essential to have a fast and accurate determination of both position and speed. This case is particularly challenging with vehicles that have metal-coated windows, which can significantly interfere with the reception of satellite signals. To prevent any adverse effects in our applications, we use specific technologies.

G-shock surveillance

The G-sensor detects and analyzes any sudden movements or impacts on the vehicle.
G-sensors can provide a large amount of data that needs to be analyzed separately. It can be difficult to differentiate between various types of collisions or accidents while driving or parking, as the measurement data can vary significantly depending on the specific vehicle's chassis setup. Through testing and years of experience, we can find the best tuning to suit each individual vehicle.

LTE – mobile services

Enhanced security has been achieved through remote access and targeted location measures.
Customers can control our products remotely using their mobile phone network. They can receive push notifications or videos of events such as parking collisions happening to their vehicle. Our systems are able to react dynamically based on the strength of the mobile phone signal reception by sending smaller video files to ensure a safe and quick transmission. To ensure long operation times of parked vehicles and battery-operated tracking systems, the highest energy efficiency is necessary.


Connect the products through your own network or the integrated vehicle WiFi.
To connect to the vehicle, a reliable and fast data connection is necessary. We accomplish this by utilizing different integrations that allow our products to be accessed through their unique network or integrated into the vehicle's existing network. This guarantees maximum compatibility with other services, such as Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

HMI - Human Machine Interface

Customized design implementation according to the customer's corporate identity guidelines.
Every user interaction is adapted to the client's design guidelines as original equipment.

Powermanagement – Rest current

Extremely low energy consumption and prevention of creeping currents to protect the vehicle battery.
We ensure that our products comply with the requirements of the automotive industry and include protective measures to prevent accidental damage to the vehicle's battery. This helps avoid warranty and guarantee costs. Additionally, we use technologies that allow our products to operate for a very long time with minimal energy consumption, even when the vehicle is parked.

Video optimization

Accidents can be clearly identified and documented through optimized image quality.
There are countless variables that influence an optimized image quality for any given purpose. Video recordings in a vehicular environment are subject to significant dynamics, exposure effects, darkness, temperature fluctuations, and various other factors. However, the main objective is to comprehensively document an accident scene and clearly identify the perpetrator through their license plate. We always manage factors such as the lens, aperture, image sensor, temperature, bitrate, HDR, dynamic range, resolution, compression/codec, etc. in a synchronized manner.

Automotive standards and norms.

Development of our products while considering OEM-specific standards.
We develop our products based on the specific requirements of our customers. The challenge of balancing high demands and attractive prices is a major motivation for us, and we meet it with innovative ideas.

Transparent Organic Light Emitting Display (TOLED)

Individually tailored display solution for various application areas.
Transparent displays enable completely new application areas. Whether as an active or passive matrix, we can optimize customer benefits depending on the application. We are familiar with the limitations and requirements for using organic displays in the automotive environment and can therefore provide our customers with advisory support.


Unrestricted quality of our products through electromagnetic compatibility.
Electromagnetic Compatibility is a crucial topic in the automotive industry. Specifically, camera systems often sit directly on window antennas, and cables run close to antenna amplifiers. Radio reception or other vehicle systems can quickly be affected, leading to limitations in quality. Extensive testing, sometimes in each specific vehicle, ensures that our products do not have any negative effects on the vehicle.

A selection of implemented products

If you want to know more about our latest developments or have us implement your own ideas, we look forward to receiving your inquiry.