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econes offers you a comprehensive performance range which covers the whole spectrum from the first product idea via development and market launch to a product relaunch.

Successful co-operation requires mutual trust.

We select markets and prepare competition analyses. We choose the right partners for the development, design and marketing of your products. We supervise project activities and manage communication processes, we set deadlines and monitor their observance. And, lastly, we conduct quality checks which allow for a reliable evaluation and optimization of products and processes.

In accordance with your corporate philosophy, your product policy and your market strategies, we implement complex projects target-oriented and reliably. Our expertise and the know-how of our partners provide you the security of your goals being achieved in a professional and discreet manner.


We structure our tasks in detail, and we grant you a fast and straightforward overview – any time. We record all project-related processes and combine all activities in one hand – we offer real fulfilment from one source.


We structure our tasks in detail, and we grant you a fast and straightforward overview – any time. We record all project-related processes and combine all activities in one hand – we offer real fulfilment from one source.

Networking econes aims at long-term business relationships, because a perfectly established operation scheme allows for a fast and successful launching of your products on the target markets. In order to guarantee a smooth implementation we select our partners for each project from a long-grown and proven network of highly qualified companies.

Such selection is always justified by a coherent proof of competence. This way, thanks to well-tried approval processes your project requirements will be realized straightforward and without any loss in communication.

The design and development of successful products for new sales markets requires a detailed insight into the markets and their environment.

We monitor and analyze trends, scrutinize product offerings, compare configuration and design features and evaluate the success of these factors on the target markets. Most important: We will find and apply suitable technologies and strategies to place your new products on the required markets with long-term success.

Products are born from ideas. You will be successful if the right idea is transformed into a product which is consistently adapted to the requirements of the target market. econes develops ideas, classifies the idea input according to the relevant market data and provides a thoroughly detailed analysis as basis for the future implementation schedule.

We determine the long-term direction of your project in close consultation with you. Already during that stage, we schedule the intervals at which a review, evaluation and possible adaptation of your product strategy is recommended.

Thereby, we consider the changing demands of your target group and alterations of the market environment as well as marketing requirements, technological novelties in the product environment and new manufacturing methods which allow reducing your costs and improving your product.

econes carefully structures a project planning which will always allow for a flexible response to changing specifications.

We apply concepts which clearly determine all measures until the project’s finalization, and we prioritize these steps in terms of time. We break down complex procedures into clear and manageable work units, and we provide you with the necessary overview to easily understand the direction of your activities and, if required, to adjust them.

econes ensures a smooth workflow between all partners by reliable communication. We define interfaces, schedule processes, determine approval intervals and ensure absolute adherence to these parameters. econes supports your product management and controlling.

Through permanent comparison of the project steps with your corporate goals as well as with product and market requirements we make sure that all partners fulfil your demands. We analyze the adopted path and by means of a continuous improvement process we develop the fundamentals for the long-term success of your products – and for a successful partnership.

As soon as your product has been launched on the markets, econes will gather all data necessary for the future assurance of your success. From the observation of consumers and the reactions of your competitors we extract significant conclusions for further scrutiny.

We evaluate and optimize, gather specifications for improving the next product generation and give a forecast about the expandability and upgradeability of your product. Thus, we identify the market opportunities for optimized life cycles and for new product developments.


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